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of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country and there was a major ruling late today. >>> taking a hit. a stunner from consumer reports. some of the most popular cars on a the the road are no longer recommended. >>> and the babies born in the middle of a natural disaster now thriving as their first birthdays arrive. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. among industrialized nations, spying is considered something everybody does but nobody likes to talk about. the problem for the u.s. right now is everybody is talking about it and each day seems to bring a new allegation concerning the extent to which the u.s. has spied on other nations, especially our allies and friends. it's all coming from one man, edward snowden and the secrets he made off before he left as a u.s. intelligence analyst. now the white house is scrambling to soothe feelings while fielding questions about how much the president knew. we begin in washington tonight with nbc's andrea mitchell. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the white house is under fire from its closest allies. for the firs
care law. beyond the colossal problems with the website well chronicled, now it is the assurances by the president that are drawing scrutiny when he told americans if you liked your health care plan, you could keep it. well, with insurance companies discontinuing some policies of some people, we finding that's no longer the case. as many deal with the potential for new higher costs. our senior investigative correspondent lisa myers broke the story for us last night and has more for washington tonight. good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. so far almost 2 million of the 14 million americans who buy individual coverage have gotten letters that their policy is canceled or has to change because of the law. still the white house insists the president did not mislead americans when he promised everyone could keep their insurance. >> here is a guarantee that i have made. if you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. >> reporter: that doesn't sit well with george schwab who is retired, started a new business, and been told because of the new
are calling for new privacy laws to stop u.s. intelligence agencies from breaking into their data overseas. for more on all of it we turn to our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell in our d.c. newsroom tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the tech companies worry they are losing an arm's race with the nsa which nbc news confirms has been hacking into google and yahoo data centers around the world as fast as the company has put up firewalls. vacuuming up e-mail and phone records. google and yahoo data centers in all corners of the globe reach targets by data collection by nsa and british intelligence. as first reported in the "washington post" they found more documents leaked by edward snowden, hundreds of thousands of e-mails, search queries and other activity collected, decoded and filtered and possible intelligence targets transmitted to the nsa in fort meade, maryland. >> you have thousands and thousands of mile of cable out there. so presumably the nsa has found somehow to gain access to this cable. >> reporter: the programs described in this
and fought in court for the right to be part of her high school track team. >> reporter: you changed the law. >> we changed the law. >> reporter: tatiana is an eight-time world champion. won three gold medals at the paralympics in london. as soon as the marathon is over this weekend, the full-time student will start training for sochi. that's right, the winter games. she started nordic cross country skiing last year. one sport wasn't enough for you? >> i just, i -- i love sports and i love competing. no matter what, i love it. >> reporter: it's a mistake, her coach says, to think she's over. no matter what, i love it. >> reporter: it's a mistake, her coach says, to think she's over come a weakness. she's embraced her strength and her past. >> any tough day that i have now, i have to think about i've been through tougher. this is going to be a breeze. >> reporter: the power of one athlete, a winner even before she crosses the finish line this weekend. kate snow, nbc news, champain, illinois. >>> and that is our broadcast on this friday night and for this week. thank you for being here with us
employees, they don't have any training, any background, law enforcement training. the quickest and best way to go would be more police presence at those baggage screening areas. >> thanks for being on tonight. >>> a remarkable story this weekend involving the mid-air collision of two small planes. they were carrying a total of nine skydivers and were flying in formation over northern wisconsin when they collided. causing one to catch fire, break up and crash. ten of the 11 people on the planes jumped to safety while the pilot of the second plane was able to land it. amazingly, no major injuries were reported. >>> we turn to politics and even if it is three years to the next presidential election, it might not have seemed that way this weekend. as new jersey's republican governor chris christie campaigned for re-election and democrat hillary clinton received an enthusiastic endorsement. kelly o'donnell is on the trail with christie and hints of 2016. >> riding a double digit lead in the polls and a week-long bus tour. governor christie's campaign style is jersey personal. wrapping an arm aro
official for the rollout of the health care law vowed to get it right and said in just another 30 days, the persistent problems we've seen will be fixed. secretary sebelius says no need for an extension. there will be plenty of time for people to sign up for coverage. a crisis on her watch, as the secretary at the center of the problem prone health care website drew a crush of media attention. and even a long line for spectators who came to learn what has gone wrong. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. and i'm committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site. >> reporter: hammered by questions, sebelius continually took the blame for a rollout she even called a debacle. she admitted her department failed to do enough testing to catch and fix flaws notice enrollment website before the launch. >> do you believe that two weeks was enough time to complete testing of the entire system? >> clearly not. >> reporter: confusion over a promise made bit president. >> the president said if you like your health care plan you can keep it.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6